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Here at SoftMines you will find all kind of Soft products including Software, Mobile Applications, Website Templates, Scripts, eBooks and etc. Now you don’t need to brows internet to find your kind of software. Just tell us and we will do software mining through our huge collection and will fulfill your need. What you have to do is just get our life time membership for $20 and leave the rest on our Mineworkers. It doesn’t stop here, we have a lifetime earning plan for you as well. To know how to earn money for lifetime, just visit here: How Does it Work

Software Provider:

SoftMines comes with the idea of providing you every kind of soft items including software, mobile applications, website themes, ebooks and scripts as per you need at no cost.

Earning Plan:

You can register with us and earn unlimited money with our affiliate marketing system. With our referral scheme, you can earn more than $1,000 every day by just referring 4 to 5 people.

Best Investment:

With once in a lifetime investment of $20, you will not only get access to the largest compilation of Software including paid software but you will become member of our affiliated marketing plan and start earning without doing anything.

24/7 Support:

Our professional Mineworkers are present 24/7 on your service to your queries and provide you best of the best customer support. You request about any soft item and we provide you to use.

Investment Plan for You:

We bring you the most economical investment plan ever. Become our lifetime member and get unlimited access to our software mining of paid and free software. In addition, you will get a share of profit with every referral up to 5th level. Recommend us to your social circle, the more member will become our member with your reference, more you will earn (Check How it work for earning matrix)

Note: You will just pay for once, all paid and free soft products including software and many other things will be in your access free of cost after that.

Our Services

Softmines is your software search engine. Our main goal is to provide you all software solutions at one place while keeping your computer safe from viruses.

Software Mining:

We will put out your required software from our largest software collation and will make sure that is 100% virus free before giving it to you.

Referral Program:

With our referral program, you can make more than $1,000 every day by just referring 4 to 5 people from your social circle.

Software Consultancy:

We will tell which software can run a specific program. Consult your software errors with us, we are at your 24/7 service.

Soft Mines

Choose Soft Mines:

Softmines is your best software consultant and provider. We are offering best-in-class software hub for your software needs and most economical investment plan you have ever known or thought of.

Fast Software Mining:

Just type in search and get your required Software or tell us through our contact page and we will find your required product for you.

Free Consultation:

You cannot choose or don’t know the appropriate application to run your program, simply contact us, our experts will try to help you.

Dedicated Team:

Our professional and enthusiastic team is dedicated to your service only.


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